Our cities are filled with buildings, roads, cars, buses, trains, bikes, parks and gardens. They are crisscrossed with power, water, sewage and transport systems. They are built by engineers, architects, planners, technologists, doctors, designers and artists. Our cities are shaped by our environment, our society and our culture. And each and every part is built on mathematics. 


Join us for a gentle stroll through Oxford, from the Sheldonian theatre, via the Ashmolean Museum, St John's College and St Giles' Church to the Mathematical Institute. Learn how roofs stay up without pillars, about different symmetries, how to escape from a maze, and about Penrose tilings.


Suitable for: Ages 10+, although young children in buggies are welcome to attend with parents. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult over 18. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for any weather!

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