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The Oxford Maths Festival is a free event for families and residents local to Oxfordshire. It is organised by the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford.


The festival started in 2018 after undergraduates who had visited the popular Ireland Maths Week were keen to do something similar for their local community. With the generous support of various mathemical societies, the first festival was held in May that year, with hands-on activities, talks, workshops and most importantly, a welcoming atmosphere for all, whatever their prior experience of mathematics. The festival aims to showcase the surprising and unexected sides of maths, allowing families to do maths together in a friendly and relaxed environment. 


The festival is only possible because of the large numbers of students and staff who give their time voluntarily - they do it because they love maths!


Since the success of the first festival it has been the intention of the Mathematical Institute to maintain the festival as a regular event in the local calendar. We are continually seeking funding to ensure the future of the festival. 


If you have any questions about the festival, including media enquiries, you can contact us:

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter:

Facebook: oxfordmathsfestival

Twitter: @OxMathsFest

Maths Festival volunteer chatting to a small child with a balloon on his head


A child shows off their colourful origami creation


A volunteer watches as a young boy attempts the Tower of Hanoi at the Oxford Maths Festival