Bubbly Maths entertainers perform maths shows the UK and around the world, engaging audiences using mesmerising resources.

The props? Magical soap bubbles and giant balloons.

These are used to discover the maths & science of bubbles and to explore the mathematical fundamentals of shape and measurement.

Caroline Ainslie dressed in yellow dungarees and green gloves in front of an audience of children

About the speaker: 

Caroline Ainslie is an award-winning maths entertainer and Guinness World Records title holder. She is an electronics engineer who, at the age of 42, decided to dedicate her life to spreading her love of mathematics and her life’s purpose is to engage children to stop hating maths and start loving it.

Caroline founded the first iteration of Bubbly Maths in 2005 and has dedicated her life ever since to fulfilling the vision of reaching every child on Earth so they can love learning and enjoy mathematics.

Caroline is passionate about supporting AIMSSEC, a charity which provides specialist training for teachers from disadvantaged communities in Africa and has even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to fundraise for teacher bursaries. She loves attempting Guinness World Records which have led to the building of several large balloon sculptures (Sierpinski tetrahedron) and sparked the Global STEAM Lesson which is now held annually around the world.

The Bubbly Maths YouTube Channel was launched in 2020.


Caroline Ainslie in a red top