A day of hands-on mathematical activities for you to get involved in. Something for everyone, ages 3 and up.


Balloon shapes including a huge Sierpinski triangle!

Build paper tetrahydra

Games and puzzles

Try us at a game of chocolate trickery

Can you and a partner, handcuffed together, escape?

Magic numbercards - can we guess your birthday?

Play us at a game of dice - but beware! Will we always win?

Try to find the shortest route between all the cities

Handle mathematical objects from the History of Science Museum

Find out what hair colour, petals on a flower and your height all have in common when you play Data Games!

And much more!

A volunteer watches as a young boy attempts the Tower of Hanoi at the Oxford Maths Festival


Games and puzzles provided by Magic Mathsworks. Balloon activities and sculpture from Bubbly Maths. Mathematical artefacts from History of Science Museum. Also taking part are the Population Health Research Unit.


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Under the strapline ‘Experiencing mathematics through sight, sound, touch and movement’, The Magic Mathworks Travelling Circus has been touring hands-on exhibitions through the U.K. and continental Europe for the past thirty years, setting up in schools, libraries, museums, shopping malls, football stadia, wherever. This will be our fourth visit to Oxford but our first to the Oxford Maths Festival. 


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